About Our Library

Library’s Mission:
The Lovett Memorial Library will offer a broadly defined program of information, education, recreation, and cultural enrichment opportunities for people of all ages and educational, cultural, and economic backgrounds. We would like to invite you to visit the website often for current information on library services and events. There are also many useful links and several photos of our beautiful library.If you haven’t been to the library lately, please stop by soon! We are available to serve your informational needs! We can also borrow books from other libraries through our Inter-library Loan services. There is a $3.15 shipping charge for this service so be sure and ask our staff if you are needing materials we do not have!
The Lovett Memorial Library is located at 111 N. Houston. We are open Monday-Friday 9 am-6 pm, closed Saturday and Sunday. Our facility features friendly surroundings creating an atmosphere conducive to reading, relaxation and reflection. Study tables, accommodating 4 or 8 are located in the main lobby area,upstairs, and also near the back of the library in the Texas Room.
We are a member of the Harrington Library Consortium which provides our patrons with resources found in much larger library systems.
Now is a great time to visit!! We hope to see you soon!


The Lovett Memorial Library serves the community of Pampa and Gray County as a cultural, informational, and educational center by providing current books, magazines, newspapers, videos, books on tape, and E-books regarding the needs of the community. Request for information may be made in person, phone, or e-mail. The library has computers available to the public with Internet access and productivity software along with a secured wireless access that requires getting a user ID and Password to connect. Library cards must be in good standing to have access to computers. People from out of town who do not belong to an HLC library may purchase a guest pass to access the computers.

The library, located at the corner of Houston and Foster streets, houses over 48,000 items. Patrons have access to over 3,000 E-books and numerous databases. The present building was constructed in 1954 with a bequest from Henry and Fannie Lovett. Major interior modifications to the library were completed in 1999 through a grant from the Pampa Lovett Library Foundation, including the installation of an elevator, a second-story bridge and numerous other Texas Fire Code and ADA-mandated structural modifications. In 2014 the Pampa Lovett Memorial Library Foundation replaced the tile flooring and repainted the inside and outside of the library.  In 2015 they replaced the Circulation Desk.  In 2017 they had a glass partition installed around the children’s area and then had window shades installed.

A 5 member Library Board serves in an advisory role on overall policy and provides promotional efforts on behalf of the library. Other library support groups include the Friends of the Library and the Gray Pampa Foundation.

Goals and Objectives

  • The Library will provide the citizens of Pampa and Gray County with the most up-to-date informational, educational, and recreational materials.
  • The Library will encourage children to become responsible life-long patrons of the library.
  • The Library will introduce the citizens of Pampa and Gray County to the informational and educational benefits of technology.
  • The Library will serve a culturally and racially diverse population.
  • The Library will encourage public support and use of the library.

About the Library Board

The Lovett Memorial Library Board makes recommendations to the City Commission on the operation of the Public Library.